Y cable to use with audio input?

I have just tried hooking up a dynamic mic and a guitar into the Orgenelle by using a Y cable splitter (like this one) but I can only hear one at a time (always the microphone and always in the left channel). Is there a reason for this? I must say I’ve never gotten my head around impedance and stuff like that which might be affecting things.

I have hooked up my OP1 using a 3.5mm TRS - 6.35mm TRS cable with no problem at all.

Do you know if the split ends are stereo or mono? You could use a stereo source and headphones and see if both have stereo coming out. If that’s the case, you’d want one with stereo to dual mono.

If you connect two sources to that cable both inputs will be connected together (and just to the left channel if they are mono sources). That kind of cable is only useful for connecting one source to multiple inputs.

You want to split the stereo TRS connection into two mono connections to connect to 2 sources, something like this should work:

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Ah that makes sense. :roll_eyes:


Right, attempt 2, and another fail! :rofl:

I bought this:


And now both the left and right inputs are summed to stereo. Ok for some applications but I specifically wanted to use a guitar and microphone. I have a cable similar to @WyrdAl’s but I’ll need to get a female to female adaptor to hook this up to my microphone