8rac (0RHACK + orac)

8rac is an attempt at bringing the good work done by @Audivit with 0RHACK to a setup that is hopefully more conducive to non overclocked Organelles. 0RHACK was always built with overclocked Organelles in mind and after jamming with some friends with regular Organelles, they had found better results with stock Orac. This hopefully will give slightly better results with all the modules that are provided with orac and 0RHACK with some additional modules like multicore versions of the Orac synths and all the Mutable Instruments modules and a couple other goodies I’ve included

Let me know if there are any bugs and I hope you all enjoy!


Awesome! Everything works smooth so far but i got hanging notes (coming from the multicycle sequences) when pausing transport in transcycle with the aux button. Tested with a simple setup with just branks+ on a1. Also happens with plaits+ and 303+.

I’ll take a closer look into that. I know that is a problem with certain synths


Amazing! I will check that out tonight. Will post a jam video with it soonish too😁

Just wondering if this should work well on OG organelle 1?
Also have the installation issues been worked out? (I saw in the patchstorage comments)
Thanks for making :slight_smile:

It will work on OG organelles. I don’t know how the multicore modules behave since they only have one. The installation error happens because I think I generated the user modules folders incorrectly in the deploy script but the application itself works. I will address this in the newest version which will also include some new modules and improvements to the over series of sequencers


This looks super cool. However, as someone who is very new to Orac and 0rhack as a whole, I have no idea what the routing on this patch is. Where can I find a diagram of the signal path for this?

The routing is similar to the stock parallel. The low C, D, and E make up the A chain. F, G, A, and B are the B chain. The high C, D, and E are the C chain.

Low C# and D# are still the router and clock modules respectively and the modulation is still in the same place too.

The only difference is the high C#, and D# are now for send effects and the high F, F#, and G are master effects for the whole system.


Anyone know of any midi file/clip modules?
Been using “midifile player”" by @miker2049 (thanks for that!)
I’m looking for something that can play midi files but launch them ableton style with clock sync and options for lauch quantization, looping, etc…
Maybe I could patch this myself based on the “midifile player” module, but would need some advice!

That sounds like it might be rough but Ill see if I can throw something together


I’m having some trouble modifying the midi-out module:
I thought I understood the procedure of adding a page/parameters to a module. However with the midi-out module when I try to modify the json file, and put in the [r xxxx-$1] objects into the patch, I am greeted with a blank screen when I load the module. Can anyone help me understand why, and what I’m missing here? Thank you!

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Can you paste your code?

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Can you paste a screen shot of your pd

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nm - it was end of line commas, stupid mistake sorry! and thank you!

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Hey guys :slight_smile:
This isn’t working for me…
I’m getting install error every time i try to install.
Would love to give it a go!

Yeah unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time recently to patch this but the program is functioning but the install script doesn’t work. In the install script I believe I have it generate directories in an order that is invalid but the actual program should work.

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Hey, Thanks for the patch. I am getting the same install error, but the program is extracted and works regularly, as you say. One issue I found is that it is not possible to save anything. If I save a session and restart the program, the saved session disappears. I understand that you don’t have much time, but is there any workaround you can think of to save some sessions?

Saving in orac/orhack is handled within the orac/orhack menu system, NOT using the organelle’s os level patch saving system. @T8R answers this question well here: Orac loading saving presets

The program assumes it can save in a folder in sdcard/data/orac/presets based on the installation script, I made those folders and saw my presets get saved there:


with transcycle being the most feature packed clock module yet, I’ve been interested in emulating the function of my rc-202 looper, or super8 in Reaper, for a while and I think the best solution is to modify overloop so it can be controlled from transcycle and start/stop can be quantized with the bpm. Just putting my train of thought here for now so I can return to it later, any suggestions are appreciated.