Absolute beginner needs help - CME-XKey Air on USB

I got my Organelle M two days ago.
I want to connect a CME-XKey 25 (Air) to Organelle M via USB-cable.
Put the cable in, powered up and choose “Settings - MIDI-Setup - Device”.
The Manual: Scroll list of Midi-Devices and choose it.
But there is no list - It’s empty.
What to do?
best regards Tom
(an old man from Germany)

Thanks for getting an Organelle M!

I looked at the manual: https://xkeyair.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Xkey-UserManual.pdf
and saw that the Linux OS requirements (Organelle runs on Linux) are blank:

…so hard to say if the XKey Air is compatible with Organelle M.

We tested that the original XKey (not ‘Air’ version) worked with the Organelle M and it does:

…maybe there is a Bluetooth MIDI setting in the Air version that you could change so that the USB MIDI works? (Upon further reading, not sure if that manual I linked to is for the Air version, but I was not able to find another manual on their site.)

Thanks for your answer and picture :slightly_smiling_face:

I contact CME for help. They say, I have to test the USB connection to a Computer.
And there, no detection at USB, either Mac nor Windows-PC.
The lesson is clear: My XKey has a defect USB-Port :cry:

Over bluetooth ‘Air’ connection, the my XKey worked very well with iPad and some Syntheziser- App’s from AUDIOKIT.
No detection in bluetooth menue itself, but if I use the bluetooth-Button wich is shown in the App, XKey will be found and activated - don’t know how :thinking:

Summary: I’ll buy a new XKey (no ‘Air’) to use with Organelle.
Because I love the look, feel and function of the XKey, it’s a great Keyboard with pleasant keys like a piano :star_struck:

Thanks a lot - best regards