Roland um 1 mk2 midi USB interface issues?

Hi there, bought the Roland midi interface for a steep €40 and it won’t let me connect to the organelle with midi keyboard or with computer anyone had success using this particular midi USB interface? Thanks in advance :man_shrugging:t2:

Hey man, can you be more specific? Have you made sure both the Organelle and other device are set to send receive on the same Midi Channel? Have you tested the cable with devices other than the organelle?

it will not connect properly to the computer because the Organelle is the HUB so that’s going to cause problems and What kind of keyboard? Usually i found that they 1in1out Devices label the DIn plugs TO out To in and sometimes i would forget to check that, maybe make sure they are set properly. Also Do you have access to a Monitor for the Organelle? SOmetimes you can get an idea if Pd is at least picking up the device by running it that way. I am pretty sure thetechnobears’ stuff has this all sorted but i’ll let him chime in. But i am just suggesting a few checks you can do. Also

What keyboard would be helpful

It’s working. Noob mistake had to set a dipswitch on the arturia keystep to USB. It’s working now but won’t recieve any sequenceror information or modulation or pitch?

Have you read the Organelle manual yet?

I didn’t see anything. I’ll have another look :thinking:

@OnHigh The Roland UM 1 is not a ‘class compliant’ USB-MIDI device as it needs a driver to run:
The Organelle is designed for class compliant devices so the UM 1 may work, not work at all, or somewhere in between. If you look at that link, Roland only provides drivers for Mac & Windows, so you may be out of luck…

Not correct @chrisk. All this MIDI interfaces (Roland, Edirol, Cakewalk ) have a small switch for other compatibility, I have many for long years all work great depending on the position of that switch :wink: so no need for drivers.
They work with iOS devices…

Read Me First / About the UM-ONE mk2’s [COMP/TAB] Switch

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I too have a Um-One mk2 and it is the most reliable of midi interfaces I have used with organelle, in either the TAB class compliant mode or the the COMPUTER mode with higher processing speeds.


HI everybody,
I’m a beginner, I bought the UM-ONE MK2 and it is plugged to my MOTU Ultralite Mk3, I installed as the manual says, but ableton doesn’t see organelle. Can you be so kind to help me and assist me to set it correctly step by step? I’m almost crazy

Can you elaborate a bit more?

? audio? USB MIDI? DIN MIDI ?

thats good news! Should it also read midi sequencing and modulation? So far it play connected to arturia keytep but the sequencer arp and modulation and pitch wheels don’t do anything? Also is it possible to connect to mid keybard and computer? I have a kenton midi hub?

Hi @keymanpal & @Rangda,

Will Ableton will ‘see’ a non-hosted USB-MIDI device?

If you connect the round 5-pin MIDI cables coming from the Organelle to the corresponding jacks on the MOTU Ultralite Mk3 shown here:

…Ableton will still only ‘see’ the MOTU MIDI device, right?

@Wannop & @keymanpal - sorry, I didn’t know about the Computer/Tab switch on the UM 1!


…The Organelle receives MIDI notes coming from the Keystep, right?
Does the Keystep send sequencer info, modulation and pitch changes? Which Organelle patch are you using? The patch may not use that information at all.

Yes that’s true.

@Rangda and @OnHigh need a better understanding of the (great :wink: ) capabilities of the Organelle, patches running, USB hosting, MIDI connections…

Here is probably the least professional and most embarrassing instructional video ever -
Edit: aaaaand down it goes.

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Dude so good to know, I just picked one up and got worried when that driver CD fell out out of the box. Is there a setting recommended for use with the Organelle or will either PC and Tablet mode work OK? Thanks again!

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Both work for me! I haven’t had any issues to notice any difference with to be honest, but possibly the TAB mode would be more appropriate for organelle as it is designed for ‘class compliant’ type use.

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Sweet! I figured as much but if either mode works that’s fine. Total MIDI noob, can’t wait to try it out with the DJ sampler patch. Thanks!!

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