Alphanumeric Keyboard and 201: Configuration Necessary?

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I just picked up a usb footswitch and hoped to use it with the 201 to trigger latch mode. The footswitch is meant to act like a one key keyboard (f.e. I have it mapped to the spacebar). I figured since the organelle can see usb mice and keyboards it’d hook up with no issue, however it seems like the 201 currently can’t see these messages. Is there a command that could be sent to [shell] to enable this?

This is the footswitch I’m using, it says that while it has to be configured on windows (which I’ve done), after configuration it can be used with linux.

I know people are using USB keyboard and mice with Organelle, but I’m uncertain about the exact way to get them working. I think the built in objects for keyboard might not work since they require Pd to be running in graphic mode (?)

This was just posted which might be an option on the 201:

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