Audio input amplitude as modulation source?

Hi, just wondering if this ^ is already a thing in some patches, and if it is not, whether it’s possible? (full disclosure, I’m still fairly inexperienced with puredata)

these Organelles obviously have built-in, switchable microphones, and lots of patches have level monitors. would it be possible to map the amplitude detected by the level monitor to some other parameter in a patch?

crude example:
when the level monitor detects a signal, the pitch of the sound produced by a patch goes down proportionally, creating a wobbly effect that interacts with ambient sounds.

Been wondering about this for a minute, but not entirely certain where to start - figured checking in with the more experienced programmers on here would be smart!

Thanks in advance to C+G & to all of you — this forum has been real helpful as a lurker getting into the M.

there is an object called [env~], (envelope follower) thats what you need… It’s probably implemented in some stock auto-wah, effects.


@risibledog The EnvelopeFX patch might be a good starting point:

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Ah god I had totally forgotten about the Envelope FX patch - I’ve used it a bunch & love tremolo in particular.

Gonna mess around w/ that & the [env~] object per @Servandob’s suggestion & see what I can apply to sample playback rate, filter cutoff, etc.

Thanks for the replies!

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