Varying Input/monitor levels - Solved

Just had a lot of fun after stupidly long break from organelle. So many new patches to check out! C&G especially are killing it with their new patches!

Hooked up to Eurorack for first time, Really fun to mess with Constant Gardener and Segmenti :slight_smile:

Found input/monitor levels really low on Camenti, Samplenest and FX13 though… is it a mono vs stereo thing that’s the difference between those patches and the ones that monitored well? I was only running mono cable in/out from/to Euro.


Anyone got any ideas on this? I’m unable to test it again today and hoping someone can enlighten me so I can sort a fix ahead of tomoro night so I can dig in without wasting an evening troubleshooting…and order some stuff today if I need to buy new cables or something?

are you running modular levels into the organelle? I thought they’d be way too hot.

Ive not run these patches, but been meaning to , as Ive just reconfigured my entire setup :slight_smile:
so will let you know if I find something…

that said, my feed to the organelle is on a FX send from a mixer, but i’ll see if the levels differ from other patches…
(which patches do you think ‘monitor’ well)

Had a play… seemed to all work ok for me.

are you trying to run the Organelle directly into the Eurorack? the audio would be very low for that, you’d need an amplifier of some kind - this is why many use an input module.

also as I said, I dont think eurorack levels into the Organelle will work well, unless you significantly attenuate them (and Id be worried too hot signals might damage the organelle, but might be ok)

really you’d probably want to use an input/output (or mixer) module on the eurorack, or an external mixer so you can adjust the level to/from line level.

what confuses me is why some patches are working ok though… that doesn’t make much sense to me.

There is an input volume level parameter in samplenest, maybe that is turned down?
L and R channels are summed for sample recording, so it would be 1/2 as loud if you only use one input.
Unlikey, but could you be using a balanced input?(
Since the two channels are polar opposites the sum would be near 0.

Thanks guys. I’ve been using a snd/rtn module so levels should be ok out/in from Euro. I had 5 minutes to quickly have a look at it and switching the cable to the other output socket fixed it. Dumb user error :wink: Only had time to check one of the patches. Will check the others, and also make sure that switching output socket hasn’t caused issues with the ones that were ok originally. Really digging modular, so much fun and endless happy accidents, but been struggling hard to find the time to fully settle in to it so far in terms of intergrating it with my other gear. Hopefully get some solid time on it soon.

Gotta say, some of the recent patches are making me gas for a 2nd organelle atm to chain some of the new patches together (orac is really great but my brain is begging me to keep things simple as possible lately ;)…

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Hi Mark, what’s the mixer you use? I’ve seen you mention it a few times on here and it sounds as if it’s dealt with a few probs I’ve been experiencing.