Audioflow~ is the best looper, like ever


audioflow~ takes an incoming signal and sends it to a delay~.;
It then sends the vd~ read signal to a looper as well as the delayed signal to the outlet.;
When record is pressed on the looper a sample record begins recording the vd~ read line.;It also is then sent to out.;
The direction either forward or back of the loop is controlled by the vector. So - speeds are played in reverse, and positive speeds are played forward.;
The pitch of the loop may also be controlled.;
The info: positional val is not a control and only shows the speed and direction of the loop.;
Each channel, raw, delay, and loop, may be mixed using the gain controls.;And an overall gain control is at the bottom
Notes: after you stop recording the loop begins to play automatically. And you can merely tap record again and play stops automatically.

We can have a contest for the Effect space on Page 4. 1Buck $ a vote :slight_smile:


this is fantastic!

so, on page one AUX starts and stops recording a loop. on page 2 AUX starts and stops the playback. then, I’m a little confused about the ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ on page 2 - they seems to stretch and squash the sample, essentially changing the speed, and the phase seems to do the same thing? is that right?

or, perhaps i broke another one. : P

(Checking EULA)
Yup, uninstall it. And do not even mention if you can use Barry White samples with the patch. I spent hours and hours with the Shree Law team and we worked out usage for Teddy Pendergrass and Lou Rawls but not Barry.

“You’ll never find” a better EULA

Yes you are correct about start/stop they are extra functions that adjust loop beginnings and endings that may get some math eventually. After the page 4 $1 lottery for effect inclusion. All proceeds going to the Stratford CT food bank for the poor. Seriously.



what would be really really cool is if there were controls to trim the starting and the ending point of the loop because it’s difficult to always start and stop recording accurately. there is a patch that does that i think. that was just a thought I had.

i will now uninstall and swallow my USB and then listen to Prince’s ‘There’s Joy in Repetition’.

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But that’s essentially what start and stop do

I see. I thought that might be what they did, but it seemed like they were stretching and squashing the sample rather than trimming it. I’ll try again.

It changes where the recording begins and ends but it does it on the fly hence the whole “flow” idea. It’s never going to trim samples because the entire aesthetic of it is that the buffer is moving, dig? reaches for EULA…

This is a strange beast, unlike any looper that I’ve used before. Got some seriously interesting time stretched results out of it. Nice one Patrick.

currently, a big hole to hide from your army of lawyers brandishing big books of rules.

but I think I understand the patch better. it’s fun to stretch and squash and pitch bend and sometimes it goes really crazy.

so much cool stuff!

“dig” is old person talk for “you feel me?”


hey! I’ve been really loving audioflow~ for my past few jams this week.

What would I need to do to the patch to make it work with Orac?

i bet I’d have to do something crazy but I’m willing to try

You’d have to talk to @thetechnobear

sorry, its unlikely I’ll convert it, due to licensing issues.

Orac is available under a GPL license , which means that I can only distribute binaries where the source code origin is identifiable/available - so that a user could build it themselves.

Unfortunately this zip file contains a bunch of binaries (externals/libs) where this is unclear (and also the licenses of them) - so I would need to track these down and recompile them before starting to convert it to a module.

Im not saying this is hard, I’m sure most would be easy enough to find/compile, but its just an extra step that means its not just a ‘quick conversion’.

note: this is a general case for modules that Id distribute with Orac. of course other developers are free to do this/ignore this as they wish :wink:


This sounds great! Still need to get into it a little deeper.
One question, I don’t see how to quit the patch!?
Right now the only way would be disconnecting the Organelle :-/
Thanks for the helps Dear programmers!!!
And thanks for the great job you all do

OK I found it! :wink:

tell me how to track down these permissions! i’ll do it!

it’d be soooooo sick to have AudioFlow in an orac rack


isn’t there an audio sampler already in orac?

the dropbox link isn’t working anymore…very interested to try this patch!


same here. interested on the patch but not available :disappointed: