Bouncing on keys

Hey guys,

I have an issue… I purchased an used Organelle via Ebay. Operating system is 3.1.
On several patches I get a bouncing effect if I touch the keys.
Meanwhile I think I may have an hardware issue… but you will know better…
Could you please suggest a test routine or so to find out what is going on?

Thanks a lot,

This might be defective keypad from a while back. causes problems like increased key pressure, misfires, double fires. It is more noticeable on some patches (open say Sampler Style and it should be pretty obvious if there are keyboard issues). you can check this topic for fix / more information:

Thank you very much! I am 100% convinced meanwhile, I can generate very ugly key repiitions having a key pressed… damn… but I will fix it, thanks a lot, I will contact the makers. Sad that the guy who sold it to me didn’t have an eye on this or sold it becaues he had the problem… :unamused:

I just responded to your email to us. Thanks for letting us know.

Thank you very much for the fast reply and for the awesome service!

Hey guys in the Forum and of course especially Critter & Guitari (Chris), thanks a lot for your awesome support!
I got the keypad, I fixed it, easy going, I kept my time, 45 minutes. Now the Organelle feels like a real instrument, it works.
Feels good :smiley: