Can organelle be bypassed?

I’m planning to use an Organelle with a table-top/pedalboard rig as both an effect and an instrument. I was wondering: can the Organelle be bypassed via midi such that its signal doesn’t go through the AD converter? I.e. does it have analog dry-through? Or does any signal that goes through it get digitized, and need to be cut out of the chain in a true bypass loop in order to preserve an analog dry signal.

Ultimately I just wanna know if I need to dedicate one of my precious loops to it, or if I can bypass it with midi and still stay analog when i’m not using the Organelle. I’d rather the latter if possible.

There is no bypass for the Organelle. If you want a true analog bypass you will need a switch in parallel with the input of the Organelle. You can also have FX patches with bypasses, but the input is always going through the ADC and out the DAC as far as I know.

Yes, @wo3 is correct: the Organelle does not have an analog bypass.

@chrisk which codec are you using?

from the organelle logs it looks like the sgtl5000 - correct?
looking at the sgtl5000 datasheet, whilst the lineouts can only be taken from the DAC (so no bypass) the headphone output can be taken from line in directly. p15 specifies this is done using CHIP_ANA_CTRL->SELECT_HP.

of course, not saying its a good idea for driving outputs (from headphones) but could be useful for cueing type functionality.

ok, so double checked its a sgtl5000 , which is on board the solid run hummingbird board used by organelle.

if you use the alsamixer , then you can switch the headphone output, between DAC or LINE_IN. (Im assuming the audio input jack is connected to LINE_IN rather than MIC_IN)

audio input is LINE_IN that is correct, and alsamixer or amixer can be used for routing, but I don’t think there is any easy way to do from Pd (would need a custom object or to send amixer commands using the shell object)

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Thanks for your help!

I made a small patch to do this right on the device:

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