Cannot load/store/save patches on re-flashed USB drive

Hi all, need some help!
My organelle was freezing at 99% loaded, so I followed advice on these forums and re-flashed the drive with 20170622-v2.1 using Etcher. Organelle now starts up fine. But…

a) I get “No patches found”, and the USB drive directory doesn’t contain a Patches folder or any of C&G’s patches.
b) I can’t copy anything to the drive, because it’s now not recognised by my Mac (it was before, I was copying to and fro fine)
c) PD opens on Organelle, I can make patches that work, and store them in a created Patches folder, but nothing’s there when I shut down and restart!

I also tried going back to 20160113-v1.0 but it’s the same problem.

Is my USB drive dead?
How do I re-flash a drive so my mac can see it and copy things?

Thanks a lot - I’m loving organelle and keen to get back to patching!

Hi - the disk image (20170622-v2.1) you loaded on to the USB drive is the OS, not the patches. The disk image is for the microSD card located above ‘CRITTER’ along the back of the Organelle.

By flashing that USB drive with the OS disk image, you erased all of the patches. That is why the Organelle can’t find them.

You need to reformat your USB drive in the FAT file system and load a new folder called Patches in the top level of the drive. Copy your patches into that folder.

Brilliant! Thanks so much for the quick response! I will try that.

Everything AOK now. I think the original 99% load problem was that I was using the wrong power supply by mistake. Thanks again for the help!