CME WIDI jack & Organelle

Bluetooth midi for my Organelle to connect with Ableton & external synths. First impressions are very good!

Wonderful! Keep us posted, I’m expecting one of these too. I’m afraid it doesn’t looks like it will play nice with the sensel morph I have though… We’ll see!

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I’m using it to connect to Ableton & then to my external synths via Ableton. Works great at the moment. The only problem I’ve found is with Orac… if I’ve got Ableton controlling the midi clock & start/stop when I hit stop in Ableton Orac stops for a moment & then starts up again at its internal tempo.I can’t seem to get it to stay paused. I can’t tell if it’s the WIDI jack or just what happens with Ableton - Orac as I don’t have any other means for testing the Organelle’s midi at the mo.
Just running it synced with link for now & starting Orac on the 1 with Ableton & that works a treat.