Crazy Pre-Owned Organelle Issues

Welp. Turning to the internet since I have been unable to figure out my issues with C&G support and am unable to return the unit since I’m outside the 7 day Reverb policy.

I got an Organelle 1 a few weeks ago and had a nice few days with it before it glitched out and stopped working. I started getting a buzz in the headphone output, like a ground loop. I tried several outlets but it’s still there. I’m also not getting any output from the main outs other than a slight buzzing sound. I’ll play on a synth patch and the output meter on the screen shows output signal, but no sound comes out. The parameter assigned to the knobs are glitching, showing either the max value, or jumping around randomly when the knob is in the leftmost position. I’ve tested all this on multiple patches and it’s the same for all of them, and it’s not the function where the value “catches” the preset position, like you would find on a chase bliss guitar pedal.

I’ve updated the OS, reflashed the sd card, reloaded the patches on a new usb drive, tried a new power supply. Nothing. Anyone had this issue or know anything else I can try to resolve it? Do I have a $500 paperweight?

Videos for reference

that sucks, sorry.
do you share a house with any clumsy drinkers?