Deep buzz when I record

When i record thru my 1/4 to xlr with my mic there’s a buzz in the background but when i record audio from my phone or my guitar it’s not there at all. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I don’t want to buy another wire so I want to figure out what the problem is exactly.

Is this an issue with your organelle or just general home recording in general?
Can you break down the wiring like a flow diagram? Is this buzz happening when audio goes into the organelle or when it comes out?

Maybe you are using a stereo TRS 1/4in cable to XLR? I have a mono TS 1/4in cable to XLR and it works pretty well with mics except the low input volume.

The buzz happens when it’s coming out. It doesn’t happen when i plug a guitar in but it happens when i use the 1/4 to xlr with my microphone.

is it a cord or is there an XLR adaptor

Is your dynamic mic going straight into the organelle without any extra boost before it gets to the organelle? The signal is probably very quiet, right? Could the buzz be because you are turning right up on a quiet signal from a mic? Other ideas could be a faulty mic or xlr adapter/cord.

Could also be a bumble bee.

the signal is pretty quiet when i record. when i use the quad delay i get a lot feedback as well

Right i think we might have located the issue. The Organelle seems like it has an input designed for line level - whereas you are inputting mic level. You can boost the input with something like the Behringer MIC100 which is what i use. Or you could use a mixer/audio interface. Anything that will boost the signal cleanly before it gets to the organelle.

Could someone post a link to a reliable xlr to 1/4 cable? The one I purchased has a stereo 1/4 and I think it may be causing me some issues.