Defective key

Just bought a Mini Piano Midi and one of the keys only triggers about 50% of the time.

I have seen this Key not working :-( but is fixing myself that wise?

What’s the advice on that one?

Hi -

The Pocket Piano does not have the same issue found in certain Organelles purchased in late summer/early fall of 2016. (Keyboard Button Issues). Could you be more specific about your Pocket Piano (new/used?), which key, which modes, etc? Please contact us through our website:

Brand spaking new green (love it) pocket midi serial number D7139
The defective key is the second C#, all modes. What do you recommend? Can you tell me here?

Can you also tell us the serial number range of the Organelles suffering from the Keyboard button issue?

Hi, Please contact us here: Thanks

I have just used the form to contact you. Many thanks

@chrisk did you get my request? any news on it?