DISCIPLE; Unfolding Geometry

Generative DnB



innately readable mass of geometry exposing inner mechanics
composing all underlying subconscious and conscious processes

manifests of streaming thought patterns unfolding infinitely
perceptions connecting between the clouds that form reality

initialize chaos engine on first boot

-press notes together to latch vibration potentials
-press AUX to shift geometry

knob 1 : tempo :: MIDI sync and temporal manipulation

knob 2 : levitate :: alter floating radicals

knob 3 : mass :: shift harmonic mass structure

knob 4 : curve :: adjust radius of gravitational strings


oh hell yes.
Thanks Kyle!


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new video for DISCIPLE



You are undoubtedly the kind of Algorithmic drumming. I wonder if you might consider a collaborative patch project with me? I think that might be fun? I realize everyone is busy but i think it could be really fun.

Let me know or ping me a message if you get a wild hair


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That tune goooooes Kyle!

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Yes! I have been thinking about this for awhile. So many possibilities with all of your work so far!

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Iā€™m about to finish one that has a bunch of new research today but then we should have some fun.