notes 60 61 62 63 set steps and iterations

65-71 randomize shuffles etc

83/82 turns off/on iteration etc
72 – shift sequences up
73 – shift sequences down
74 – notes up 0-12
75 – notes down 0 (-12)
76 – modes

Aux Buttons change octaves and delays and osc sounds


nice sound, but whilst the clear step button is saying ‘clear steps’ I don’t think it’s actually clearing anything. I can cycle through the steps okay, but they seem fixed.

It clears the iterations --it does not erase all steps
it clears subsequent iterations
i’ll think about a different word


i think perhaps ‘clear iterations’ might be more appropos

ah! if I turn the oscillators down I can hear what is changing. I get it now!

are the oscillator melodies fixed?

no, nothing is ‘fixed’ but i locked things so it creates melodies in a certain way.

pressing 65-69 will randomize the steps and give you different flavors

i should share that there is an assumption that you are interested in Steve Reich’s piece "music for 18 musicians"
i am kind of obsessed with Reich because his work had such an impact on me way back in the 20th century :slight_smile:

I updated the file so you can adjust note sequences
72 – shift sequences up
73 – shift sequences down
74 – notes up 0-12
75 – notes down 0 (-12)
76 – modes

hope this adds some extra fun!

there was a dropbox glitch, if you just downloaded a few moment ago please re-try i think i wrote over the same file and now it’s properly updated


I love it! So good man.

this one is my favorite so far.
As close to Reich as i can possibly get with pd …LOL

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This is one of the best “generator” patches we’ve had so far on the Organelle. So good i need to spend more time recording bits for recycling later. Because the temptation to tweak means that perfect sequence disappears into something else never to be found again…at some point I must pay more attention to what the keys do, as opposed to randomly seeing what happens next… Filters on this one work particularly well, btw :slight_smile:



REICH is an unending inspiration for me