SOLVED: Eyesy Damaged my Monitor - Screen Burn

I just got a brand new Eyesy - connected it to my main monitor '‘LG Wide34wl500‘’ (which is also pretty new) via HDMI.
I was checking out the presets for only 20 Minutes on this monitor.
I went back to using the monitor for my Desktop PC and it had a really bad flickering / stuttery image from the eyesy going on. The Eyesy was already turned off at this point and when i noticed i disconected the HDMI immediately. The damage/ flashing is still going on.
I want to add that i never had any problems with this monitor.

I tried some tips for screen burns which helped out

  1. Turn of the Monitor (48H best/ i waited 2H) 2. Let colourfull videos play for a while and check if its still there.
    These tips helped in my case … but the flickering comes back after a while when nothing is moving

I dont want to imagine what would have happened if i would have used the eyesy for several hours on this screen.

i did contact the support because i really think they should give warnings about this thematic!!!
No single warning in the paper form user manual nor in the manual on their website.
Maybe its a rare phenomenon but… i wanted to shout it out here

ill definitley wont use the eyesy on my main/ or expensive monitors again!


Thank you for this update. We have not heard of anything like this before.

The HDMI output is regulated by the EYESY’s Raspberry Pi module. These modules are in countless devices and are well tested against the HDMI specifications. It’s hard to say that the EYESY would be causing this since you noticed it after you powered the EYESY off and were using a different video source.

Perhaps this monitor is adjusting to the new resolution from the EYESY or adjusting from the EYESY’s resolution back to your computer’s resolution? Looking at the manual from the monitor’s support page it states on page 23 that the “Recommended resolution 2560 x 1080 @ 60 Hz” whereas the EYESY generates a 720p resolution under the current ‘factory’ OS.

Looking further at the monitor’s manual, there are mentions of flickering, image distortion, etc. when the resolution is changed:

Note on Page 12:

If the picture mode is changed in the screen may flicker or the resolution of your PC screen may be affected.

Note on Page 13:

When the HDr function is turned on, the characters or picture quality may be poor according to Graphic card performance.
• While the HDr function is on, screen flickering or cracking may occur when changing the monitor input or power on/off according to Graphic card performance.

Note on Page 19:

Screen display is unstable and shaky / Images displayed on the monitor leave shadow trails.
Did you select the appropriate resolution? • If the selected resolution is HDMI 1080i 60/50 Hz (interlaced), the screen may be flickering. Change the resolution to 1080P or the recommended

Maybe changing the display to the 1280x720 Factory Support Mode (Preset Mode, PC) might help when using the EYESY? This is found on Page 25. It probably follows that the monitor will need to be set to the correct Factory Support mode for your computer after using the EYESY.

Hey Chris! Thanks for your reply and your email as well!

Fortunately any problems have disappeared :slight_smile:
So ill for sure use the eyesy on the correct resolution from now on.

It is good to hear that you never heard of this problem before!

Thanks for your research.

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Thanks for the update! Happy to hear everything is as it should be.