I can't get MIDI In or Out to work on the Organelle

I have just got an Organelle, and I was trying to use it with MIDI keyboard synths, but with no success.
The other synths are Novation Bass Station 2 and DSI Pro 2.
Both synths are on channel 1, and each can play the other through USB and MIDI OX on Windows 10.
Each of the other synths was connected to the Organelle, one at a time.
It appeared in Settings->Info->MIDI Dev, but did not respond to notes played on the Organelle, and the Organelle did not respond to notes played on the other synth.

Here are some entries from Settings->Info
MIDI Dev: Pro
Patch: Additive Synth
Version: 3.1

Here are some entries from Settings->MIDI Setup
MIDI In : Enabled
MIDI In Ch.: Omni
MIDI Out : Enabled
MIDI Out Ch.: 1

Any help appreciated.


If you launch a patch and then connect a USB-MIDI device, the patch will not ‘know’ about any MIDI connections. Can you try connecting the synths first and then launch your patch?

Thnaks for the suggestion, but still no luck.

I connected the Bass Station 2 to the Organelle, switched on the BS2 and then the Organelle.

Settings->Info included the following:-
MIDI Dev: Bass
Patch: None

I selected a few different patches, but none of them controlled or responded to the BS2.

A patch must be loaded for the keys to do anything.

You are connecting the Organelle and BS2 via USB A–>B cable, right?

Instead of Omni, what if you set a specific input channel?

Solved, but confused.
Changing the Input Channel from Omni to 1 allowed each synth to play the other.
However, when I changed the channel from 1 back to Omni, it still worked.
I don’t understand this, but I’m happy it’s working.