Installing .zip vs .zop

Hi - I know there’s a lot of info on this, but I thought a specific post might help out a lot of users (including myself because I constantly forget :sweat_smile:

Here’s what my (possibly flawed) understand is right now:

.zip - can and should be installed via dragging .zip to organelle (patches or any subfolder)

.zip - can be installed via dragging .zip to organelle (same directory as orac - so usually Patches folder) - however sometimes if specified by developer it’s required to unzip on computer if it hasn’t been “packaged properly”

.zop - can and should ALWAYS be installed by dragging .zop to organelle (same directory as orac - so again usu Patches folder)

If this isn’t quite right, or if there are any good sidenotes people have, thanks and if I left something out I will update my original post. I hope this helps someone new (or who has as bad a memory as I do!)

I want to clear this up for Orac 1.1 , so that its a very similar process to patches.

just to be clear…
zip file - the reason we let the Organelle unzip files (rather than do on the Desktop) is that this allows the Organelle to verify the files are unzipped correctly.

zop files - we created the zop file for 2 important reasons:
a) once the zop file is expanded, the zop file contains a ‘manifest’ file which allows the Organelle to verify its been expanded correctly - this has been a big issue on some USB drives!
b) they allow for a deployment file - this means as when as being expanded, other actions can also be carried out, e.g. creating preferences, moving files around.

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Is it OK to unzip Orac modules and then just copy the Orac module folder to the Orac folder or is this asking for trouble?

I just spent an hour setting up my sd card and grabbing all the Orac stuff out there (huge thanks to everyone that’s worked on these!). All the non-zop modules I naively just installed the same way I normally install a non-orac patch…Unzip and copy to relevant folder on USB stick…and I deleted all the original zip files afterwards :confused:

Will this be OK or should I go back and redownload them all and just place the zip files in Orac folder?


currently, as long as the modules end up in the modules folder doesn’t matter how they get there.
(again, I point to the previous post about why its better to not unzip before you transfer to the organelle esp. on unreliable media)

note: when the next version of orac is released it will remove ALL modules including custom ones.
it also has a new location to keep ‘3rd party’ modules, so that future upgrades will not have this issue.

Sometimes I add modules to the usbdrive/orac/modules/synth folder and the module doesn’t appear in my organelle when I open the orac module. Any idea why ? thanks a lot !

Question for you Mark, how can I install the zop files on Orac for pisound/patchbox? And other user modules as well, I have dropped the files in the same location I would on Organelle, but when I try to find the new modules in Orac it’s not there :frowning:

zop files can just be unzipped. (into the correct place)

the only thing you have to watch out for is there may be a deployment script (called
you need to see what this is actually doing, it could be anything - but often its moving files around.

you cannot just run this script however, since its created for the organelle, and assumes the filesystem is setup as the Organelle - which is not going to be the case for the rPI.

as for orac modules in particular, on a pisound install, they should be placed as sub directories in

I suspect some of this is covered on the pisound forum?!

Ok thank you for clarifying. It seems like I placed it under the wrong media folder on my Pi. But I have check again when I’m home. And I did ask on the blokas forum the other day but didn’t get any replies. Search a ton before asking as well, and I’m still big time noob on pi/Linux system so sorry if obvious hehe

Thanks again!