Keyboard Button Issues


Is there any kind of ETA for these parts?



These parts should be arriving in about 2 weeks. Thanks for your patience!



My Organelle is double firing on some of the keys. I am based in the UK and would rather attempt the fix myself rather than sending the unit in if that’s ok @oweno ? Is there a list to be added to or something?




Same here !



@TonyLB @ghostly606 please contact us here:

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I emailed you a month or so ago! Should I check back in with you? Thanks!



Done, thanks.




We now have replacement keypads that fix this misfiring keypad issue. We’re happy to send you a replacement keypad to repair it yourself. You’re also welcome to ship it to us so we can replace it. Either way, please contact us at

Here’s a video that shows the replacement process:

Here are the steps:

  1. Shut down the Organelle.
  2. Remove power plug and any other connections along rear side.
  3. Remove anything plugged into the USB ports.
  4. Put some tape across the keys so they don’t fall out later.
  5. Unscrew the six black screws that run along the bottom edge.
  6. Remove white bottom part.
  7. Remove knobs - use screwdriver & paper (see video for technique).
  8. Unscrew the 10mm nuts on the potentiometer shafts. Before removing the final nut be sure to flip the Organelle over so the keys don’t fall out.
  9. Gently remove the circuit board.

Replace Keypad:

  1. Gently remove the white keypad membrane by pulling it up.
  2. Clean the circuit board’s gold contacts that were under keypad using contact cleaner (following the instructions on can) or the provided isopropyl alcohol wipe. (FYI: it is best to use alcohol content of 91% or higher because the balance of content is water. Water is not great for circuit boards!). Allow alcohol to fully evaporate before proceeding.
  3. Replace the keypad by placing the keypad nubs over the holes in circuit board. Pull nubs through circuit board with pliers/tweezers.


  1. Gently insert the circuit board. Ensure that board is flush with the inner face of the enclosure and that the jacks are flush with the outer face.
  2. Replace washers and screw the nuts on the pots.
  3. Remove tape across the keys.
  4. Replace knobs. Line up the ‘flats’ on the knobs and pot shafts. Then push knobs on.
  5. Replace white bottom part, making sure the USB port holes are oriented correctly.
  6. Replace the six black screws along the bottom edge and tighten. Don’t over tighten!
  7. Wash hands when you’re done!


This is so great!

I filled out the form but did not get a confirmation mail. Did you get it =) ?



Hi @KristofferLislegaard
We received your email and shipped your keypad today. Please check your email for the tracking number.


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Amazing! Sorry for being impatient! :heart:

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no problem!



Messaged via contact form! Thanks for addressing this and having multiple options for users to fix it. Y’all are the best. C&G 4eva.



Oh, thanks for the update! I thought I might have been the only one having issues. I have attempted to fix it before, but when I fired up my Organelle tonight the issue was re-occurring. It would be magnificent if you could send me the new rubber strip, I’ve sent you an email :slight_smile:

For those attempting the fix this yourselves, be careful taking the Organelle apart. I tried fixing mine before these instructions were available, and some of the buttons fell out awkwardly and became jammed between the PCB and case. I couldn’t remove the PCB without removing the buttons, and I couldn’t remove the buttons without removing the PCB! It made getting it apart far more difficult than it needed to be (and I consider myself pretty handy).




I received my new key bed for my Organelle and got it replaced, no issues at all! Man this is so nice. Thanks to Chris for all his help!



I wondered for a while whether I had the keypad problem. After putting in the new rubber strip I can now realise that I DID have the problem.

It feels a lot different now. thanks for sending it and the good instructions.



I’ve did it this morning. It was quite easy, thanks for your instructions and the New piece. You guys are the best !!!



Thanks for the update @TonyLB - thank you for your patience as we sorted out that issue!



I have this issue and sent you an email via the website a few weeks ago and never received a reply. I am happy to do the fix myself. I will send you a new email. Thanks for making this fix available!



Hi @Starcaster75 just sent you a private forum message. Thanks