Keyboard Button Issues


It feels soooo good to play now :smiley::smiley:


Great! Thanks!


So far I have not experienced any keyboard issues with but I follow this thread because itโ€™s so satisfying to see how a company helps their customers. This is how you create a loyal customer base. An unnamed company could take some serious lessons from you guys! Keep up the great work C&G!


Keys arrived, easily installed and WOW! What a difference. Thank you!

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That is good to hear! Thanks

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Hi there,
Happy to have my first organelle and just enjoy playing with it. However i found that the keyboard is obviously hard to press and read specific mount of machines met the problem( mine was from 2017, serial number be around 23xx.)
Just wonder how can I get it fixed or similar action could be taken to deal with it.


Hi @xumatrix - just responded to your email to us.


Much appreciate Chris! Think that be quick and smooth sort out soon :wink:

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Recently fitted my replacement and itโ€™s way better. Feels more sturdy and resolved all my issues. Thanks for sending the part!

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I sent a message request for a replacement keyboard pad and havenโ€™t heard back : /

are you still providing support for this?


Yes, we are definitely still providing support for this. I donโ€™t see a message, did you send email? can you try again or send a pm? thanks


Hi Adrian
Yes, we received your contact form message. We sent two reply emails to you (one with a tracking number for replacement keypad) to the hotmail account you provided and shipped the keypad to you on April 16. Can you check your spam folder?