Knob Sequencing

I made an abstraction to build sequences really quickly with the knobs. The sequence is written over whenever the knob is moved and the recording is stopped on every beat unless you are still moving the knob.

The clock [r MAIN] is timecode going from 0 to 255 at 4 divisions per beat.

The CVrecording array is sized 256 across the x axis.

I think finding a good way to standardize this with LINK will be very nice.


this is awesome, always wanted a knob sequencer, and this looks like a nice and simple and fun approach.

yes, standardizing this to LINK would be great. so it runs through the table in 4 beats? you could take the phase output from the link object, multiply it and use it as the timecode.

Brilliant! I can’t wait to try this out. :smiley: