Low output level

Hi. Well, I’ve had it about a week and I’m fairly happy. This is definitely a cutting-edge piece of kit, with no real equivalents that I’ve seen. I love the setup - it’s brilliant how it can be so many things at once. I also like the design - gotta love those little wooden keys.

But yes, I’m struggling to get a decent line level from it. Any ideas?

Is this problem the same using any patch? I’ve noticed some have lower output than others, but
not had this problem myself. Are you using the L+R mono outputs? What are you using to amplify the signal? You could try updating to the new OS found at patchstorage, some said they thought audio output was louder.

Hi, I have the same issue with L+R outputs. I only use the phones output, which has the ‘descent’ level you are talking about.

Yeah I had to resort to always and only using the headphone output

this is fixable folks
the patches just need a multiplier on the outs

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking - a simple software solution, surely?