M-Audio MIDIsport 2x2 Compatibility

Hi there, I’m new here
I just connected my M-audio midisport 2x2 to Organelle’s usb port and it doesn’t recognize it . Do I have to download some file to make it work?

The Midisport 2x2 is a class compliant MIDI device, so you can plug it into a Mac or Windows computer without any additional drivers… but as far as the Organelle goes, I’m not sure if the Organelle’s MIDI Host is specifically expecting a MIDI Controller only (like an Arturia Keystep or M-Audio Keystation) or if it will accept any class-compliant MIDI device? But maybe test it out, if you can, with an actual USB MIDI Keyboard.

I have a 2x2 midisport and can confirm it does not work with the organelle. I ended up buying an iconnectivity mio and works beautifully. Be weary of the cheap usb midi cables as there are lots of complaints about latency

The Midisport 2x2 has been around for a while. Have they always been class compliant?

The Organelle actually only work with class compliant MIDI devices. @fede so when you go to the system info screen on the Organelle, nothing shows up under MIDI? do you recall if you had to download or install anything for it to work on your computer?

I know for sure that if it is the black Midisport 2x2 (as opposed to the old lime green 2x2) then it is indeed class compliant… because I was the Product Manager for the redesign of the 2x2 back when I worked for M-Audio. I can’t remember if the older one was also class compliant or not. The photo below is the class-compliant version…

Related to this (I think) – I tried the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ with the Organelle as a host. This also did not work. Perhaps there is an issue with multiple MIDI ports on a single device?

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Which is why only a single MIDI controller like a USB keyboard would work as opposed to a multi-port midi device.

I tried an USB midi keyboard and it works just fine, must be the old midisport.

yeah, nothing was showing up under Midi when m- audio connected, but arturia keylab works.
thanks everybody!

I had the old green midisport

If you youtube connecting the organelle with an OP-1…look for “the magpie’s” posts as he encounters this problem too and all he does is take a midi cable and plug it into the in and out of the midi and it somehow makes it work. I think it a host / slave confusion problem