MIDI intermittent [Solved]

hello everyone happy tuesday.

i’m wondering if anyone else has dealt with MIDI not being 100% consistent. most days it will link automatically but occasionally (mostly at shows) the MIDI just won’t sync. i’ll have to start , restart, turn it off and on and then hopefully at some point it will sync. i have all the newest OS updates.

would love any help on this.

What USB-MIDI device are you using to connect?
One thing to consider is that if you launch a patch and then connect a USB-MIDI device, the patch will not ‘know’ about any MIDI connections.

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i’m using a m-audio midi uno. cool good to know about the patch. in most cases the midi/usb doesn’t leave the hub, stationed there.

Looking at the specs here: https://m-audio.com/products/view/uno
and here: https://m-audio.com/support/drivers-search
…that USB-MIDI device is not ‘class compliant’ (aka driverless). The Organelle is only fully compatible with class compliant devices.

can you suggest some class compliant usb-midi cables? someone on the forum recommended this one a while back when i got my organelle


I’ve been using this one for a while now and never had any issue whatsoever.

We use the EMU XMIDI 1x1 USB-MIDI cable. You can see it in action in many of our Organelle patch videos.

Many users on the forum like the Roland Um-One mk2. We haven’t used this one. FYI: There’s a little switch on it that sets it to either ‘TAB class compliant’ mode or a non-compliant mode.

ok great i really appreciate the quick response. thank you for clearing that up for me!

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I’ll add to this that I have several of the Roland UM-One USB-MIDI cables and they work perfectly. Sometimes you have to just know that certain patches simply do not have MIDI sync coded into the patch themselves also.

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