Midi issues - Solved

Hey everyone, my Organelle’s midi isn’t working… I’m using a 5 pin midi out to usb cable from a Novation Circuit Tracks to the Organelle. Tried using the same cable from my laptop to a Volca Keys and it works, so I don’t think the issue is the cable. I’ve set the Organelle to Midi 3 (which is correct for how Tracks is set up/ tested on a Dreadbox Typhon and channel 3 is correct), but nothing is working… any thoughts/ideas/tips? Thanks everyone!

What is the make/model of this USB-MIDI cable?

The manual covers the Organelle’s MIDI menu: Critter & Guitari Manual
Please be sure to read the last part of that section re: USB-MIDI devices.

If you’re still having trouble, please reply with specifics about what patch you’re using and where it gets hung up.

Hey Chris, reconfiguring the correct usb device did the trick! Thank you for the help!