Momentary switches bounce


on my ETC the momentary switches suffer electrical bouncing. I’m posting this here in “General” because I think, this issue might happen with other C&G devices too.
Is there a possibility to de-bounce the buttons on a software level? I might replace them, but I fear the issue will reappear. Or should I simply add some capacitor to ground? (I don’t need a fast response, so the capacitor based debouncing would be ok for me).


You could try some contact cleaner first. Remove the keypad first!

Hmm, I think those are encapsulated ALPS switches. (I had the ETC once opened, but I don’t remember how the switches looked like). Also I don’t like using contact cleaners on mounted devices. I would have to desolder them first - and if I do that I can replace them simply.

Hey, did you find a solution? I would be interested too.

Sorry, I was involved in other things the last week, so I didn’t follow this issue. I’ll report here, as soon as I opened the ETC again.