Morphagene Re-write

I really like this patch !
However I noticed that when you switch a page, the knobs won’t come to the actual value of the new page, and it creates some sudden jumps. Would it be possible to change this behaviour?

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Not my patch originally actually - im sure it’s possible to do that though. I’m not very good at pd, but I’ll look.

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i could re-write it if there is interest


Would it take up too much processing power to convert the patch to a module so it could be used with ORAC? That would be the bee’s kneeeeeeee’s. :honeybee:

feel free to try let me know if you need any pointers about what goes where

Bump because this patch is CRAZY. Thank you all

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Hi! Really interested to look into this patch. Are there two different versions feature-wise or have they been merged? Thanks!

i think you could! there are really nice directions for how to make patches “oracular”

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Bump. Any luck with making this into an Orac patch? :blue_heart:

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You can get most of the functionality of the Morphagene rewrite in orac via the easter egg mode. The only problem is the screen doesn’t update immediately. @thetechnobear has a great video describing how to do this. :cowboy_hat_face:

I released an orac module which i believe covers this…

note:I did not use smorphegene as a starting point.
rather I went back to the original which is slicerec~ and sliceplay~ from SlicerJockey

the reason being orac has much of what smorphgene does already covered
e.g. we don’t need presets, reverbs etc, as orac already had this covered.

that said, Ive not used smorphgene, so perhaps I have missed some features,
if so comment on the Slicer on Orac post about things you would like.


Thank you @thetechnobear ! We’re lucky to have guys like you


i am currently re-writing morphagene and bashfest for Organelle M


great news!!

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hahaha yea boom bap boom bap :smiley: vlc vidmate

So excited!!

i am actually really please folks liked this one :slight_smile:
i was being a little snarky in the name of course but i was just having fun


New to organelle and have been reading about this morphogene patch (at 2am), very excited for tomorrow morning!


Hi Mark,
being a big fan of our friend @shreeswifty’s shmorphagen, and I try as best I can to reproduce the feeling of this patch, which lends itself rather well to melodic instruments. I read some comments on other thread reporting the same thing and I have the impression that your slicer module lends itself much more to the rhythms.

However, I can hardly understand how to trigger player 3 and 4. What note should I play the sequencer for it to trigger player 3? player 4?
I understand that player 1 is triggered by note 60 and player 2 by 72, what about the other notes on the keyboard? I mean, can’t it be envisioned that a bit like picostudio we could trigger and stop all players with 61 and 63, play them separately with 60, 62, 64 and 65 and mutate them with 72, 74, 76 and 78?

I have another more pragmatic question:
On your slicer module, how can I stop the sequence and reset it to record new one?

Thank you very much for the follow-up, it is more than appreciable.

honestly, i can’t remember, its two years ago I did this…
if its not clear from the above post where i described how to use it, id say check the patch :wink:

of course, you could do this any number of different ways, as i mentioned above, mine and shree’s are implemented using slicerec~ and sliceplay~ from SlicerJockey… so you could similar create your own patch (or orac module) that fitted your needs closer - its actually pretty straightforward , as slicerec/play do all the ‘heavy lifting’

personally, I didn’t want to follow morphagene too closely, simply because I felt morphagene is a fantastic module because its got cv inputs etc… its part of a eurorack ecosystem , i think ‘standalone’ loopers (as you’d have with the organelle) needs to have different features.
but…again, comes down to what you want to do … and thats the beauty of the organelle/pure data, we can adapt/create patches for our own specific needs/tastes

I would also point out that in the two intervening years, C&G have released quite a few really nice looping patches, so its quite possible one of those may be closer to your needs… or again could be adapted.

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