New patch: Mellowtron


Dear Bomboy, no offense was taken and I didn’t think you were berating or belittling my work in any way. But thank you for being considerate :slight_smile: (And if I may add: In this climate of hate and distrust it’s really good to have considerate people)


Thanks for the feedback: The option to scroll thru the sounds and then selecting does sound really handy and worth implementing, even though it means giving up another knob…

The tape fluttering is unsteady (as the rate changes constantly) and may be masked by the chorus effect, but should be noticeable (especially in the stronger setting). I didn’t want to go overboard on it or I feared I would become utterly useless…


you could have the first knob being bank selection, then if you tap the aux button you load the bank, but if you hold the aux button the first knob become the octave shifter, and you can change it while you hold the aux…


AWESOME! just got to update this- Thanks so much can’t wait to test it out!!!


Patch is done and uploaded to Patchstorage. You can now scroll through the instruments (Knob 1) and select with the AUX button. I tried to implement the push-and-hold-idea but it turned out to be way to messy… hope everything works… :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

a little feedback, you should not reload the bank if it’s already loaded.
(I accidentally did it while playing and hitting the aux button by accident)
other than that it’s perfect, great work.

and I have more carefully listened to the tape flutter effect, it’s very nice, subtle but adds a lot.
I’m gonna play a little again.


Redid the controls and the GUI for this patch. Now you can use can encoder to browse and select instruments. This time around i did address the problem with reloading already loaded instrument-banks. Hope everything works as it should, happy if someone could test and give feedback. BTW. The AUX is currently unused, so if any of you have suggestions what to do with it, please leave a comment. Thanks!


Could add Seq 2? Thanks for sharing your work, looking forward to trying this new version out :slight_smile:


Hi. I am a brand new Organelle user, and this patch interested me. Im really having difficulty getting sound out of the wav files when putting them into the corresponding folders like woodwind, string section, etc. No sound when I play them. I have looked back on the previous responses, and people seem to be having the same issues. Not much of a tech person really so any help works.


Hope this picture of my Organelle USB-Drive helps… (you don’t have to have the exact same structure, as long as your Mellotron folder is in your patches folder, I just put extra categories to make everything slightly more convenient to find) Question: Are you using the SD card? Because if so case sensitivity is an issue…


Thanks for the response.
Do I have to order the keys in the order of the note map? I didn’t notice that at first.
I have accidentally had the notes moved into a sub folder. So the order is Mellotron > Cello > Cello > Notes. Another issue is the sample folders and pd files aren’t arranged in the correct order. Idk if this an issue, but I assume it is since the patch is not making sound when I play it. I’m lost haha


Dear AE23, i’m having difficulties understanding your problem, especially not sure what you did regarding the edited portion(did you put the cello-folder into the cello-folder… or was that your mistake before?) Arrangement: Do you mean the order of folders and files on your computer?) As always: The better you describe your situation, the easier it is for us to help you :slight_smile: Anyhow let’s be systmatic: Did you download all the samples? Did you dump the samples (wav files) and not the folders in the correct folder? Did you make sure that the files are all labled with notes names? In case you find flats rename the with corresponding sharp note ( for example a B flat should be renamed to a A sharp (A#)) I think with violin there’s above mentioned issue… Can you open the patch on your organelle?
How about posting a screen shot of your organelle usb drive with the mellotron patch open?


Hello callmesam, Sorry I took so long to respond as I have been very busy. Thank you for informing what the issues could be. I believe the primary issue was me putting the folder, and not the individual wav files in the correct folder. That should be the problem,and it’s easily fixable. I already fixed the notes with Bb (A#). Thank you


Oh dear. So I’m able to open the patch, and scroll through the sounds but I only seem to be getting the MKII Flute sound regardless of which sample sound I scroll to. The chorus, speed, reverb, and octave is working fine and experienced no difficulties with that. Its just one sound haha.


to change sounds you have to press the encoder button…