Organelle In/Out Line Level vs Instrument Level

Hi C&G! I love my Organelle-M and have been happily creating with it for several years! First, let me tell you my setup. I use a wide variety of patches but mostly samplers for vocals. It starts with mic → mic pre → line out (instrument level/unbalanced) → organelle-m → mic pre (instrument level/unbalanced). As you can see all connections are instrument level. So far all patches work great with this setup. However, I do get a bit of a significant hiss on the input/output of the organelle. I’ve tried to use line-level “balanced” cables to avoid hiss but some of the patches (specifically “locked loops” & “Segmenti”) stop sending output signal. in other words, I’m getting input levels but no output when using line-level balanced cables. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks! K

Hi, using balanced cables for the outputs will cancel the signal as you’re experiencing.