Organelle MIDI Thru via DIN


I am having some trouble getting my Organelle to pass through midi information to the rest of my equipment using only the TRS MIDI adapter (and a MIDI patch cable of course), so no USB. Just to preface, I am using the TRS MIDI adapters sold from the C&G shop.

My connections are:
Polyend Tracker → Organelle(MIDI CH 3) → Novation Bass Station II (MIDI CH1) → EYESY (MIDI CH 2)

The problem is that when I send a note from the Tracker on MIDI CH 3 (meant for only the Organelle), the Organelle passes the same MIDI note to the Bass Station which also gets played by the device. But when I send a note from the Tracker on MIDI CH 1, the Bass Station does not receive the note, and makes no sound.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t speak to the way to solve this using just the equipment that you have.

My midi setup runs through the Midihub by Blokas and that solves all the issues and opens up loads of extra possibilities.