Organelle OS 3

OS 3 has made me crumble, organelle ordered and arriving tomorrow :slight_smile:

A portable PD/Supercollider machine sounds too good to miss!

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Where might one get some supercollider patches to try out? There aren’t a lot on the patch storage page.

I’m just discovering the Organelle, and so close to buying one.

Webserver+wifi makes so much sense and opens up things enormously.

If I had an Organelle, I’d integrate those instantly.

And wetty/shellinabox and node-red.

Maybe some sort of web desktop like on the onion-omega? EyeOS or equivalent?

you need to install SC_Install, then there is a my demo poly synth…
its new (for Organelle) so its going to take time to build up some more examples.

i guess for now, SC is more targeted at those already familiar with SC (or want to learn/explore it), rather than those looking for ‘presets/patches’ to play… hopefully these will come with time.

(if your already familiar with SC, my demo patch gives you all you need to know on how to integrate the Organelle with the knowledge you already have of SC)

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HI, I’m having the same issues and just replaced the run it on the Organelle. I cant seem to find the /usbdrive/updatediff.txt except in the file…
Wich i have included here:

If you can help me out it would be great i’m looking forward to the update.

if your using macOS, and its complaining about the file being corrupt, try using blueharvest… and replace the with the original.

ive got a fix for the issue, but given there is a workaround, i think we should probably wait with a 3.0.1 in case there users find others issues. (so far none reported afaik, but not sure how many have installed so far)

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Thank you so much for the help! I removed the update from organelle and my mac. Then downloaded the update patch again and used blueharvest but that didn’t work.

Sorry, then you’ll need to get the to work, as I’ve no idea what’s going on
Perhaps your usbstick is corrupted and you need to reformat it.

I had a problem updating when using my mac but when using my old windows based laptop it worked first time.

Probably a stupid question but how do you set up sub folders for your patches on the usb stick please?

@arthurlost and anyone else having trouble installing OS 3.0 on a mac, due to ‘corrupt files’

please could you try downloading and installing my 3.1 beta, this should resolve the issue.

details are here:

(if you have any issues with the 3.1 beta, please report on that thread, thank you )

I’ll have some SuperCollider Patches ready this week
We are making a template so others can translate SuperCollider onto the Organelle.
This is not super hard but it’s time consuming to get it all working properly and the holidays of course

I’ll try to post an example today



Not stupid I wondered the same thing.
Under the main “Patches” folder make new folders and move the corresponding patches you want into the folders. I also recently found out by happy accident you can have sub-folders in the sub-folders as well! Hope that helps.

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Thanks for that,I’ll sort my folders out tonight after work.cheers

ok - MASSIVE thank you for this - making my little blue box even more useful!! I was away without it over christmas so learned Supercollider (which I think I like more than PD actually) and looking forward to making some patches for it

Question - I’m not connecting to my wifi - clicking on " - Network Name" tries to connect to something (not sure what) - should I be able to select my wifi network here?

I’ve got a edimax thing - it was working with os2.1 following the instructions elsewhere on this forum. But it feels to me like it isn’t being recognised…

any clues?

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you need to edit the wifi.txt file that’s on the usbdrive

ach - not reading instructions properly!

Thank you!

ok - cooking with gas - wifi on, storage on SD card!

just trying to install rsync with pacman - getting an error requested URL returning 404? I’m guessing I need to update a package db or something?

external connections working though - I can ping machines on the internet including

make sure you sync the pacman database… it will be very out of date, if you have not done this before.

also be careful, arch linux is a rolling release. this mean sometimes package required other packages to be upgraded… if not they break.
the usual solution for arch linux is to therefore upgrade everything, but if you do this on the organelle, it will break, as the kernel modules included are not compatible.
(if you read the ‘manual’ , you’ll find as such arch linux does not support partial upgrades)

so care is needed… what id recommend is you keep a backup of your sdcard, in case you upgrade something, and end up in a mess.

it doesn’t happen often most packages are fine (ive done most dev tools, things like rsync etc), i think ive only done a couple of upgrades that needed me to restore (e.g. when I tried to install gdb)

Where can I put a mother.pd override patch? I see info about patch folder, then directory, then Patches folder, then System.

Where is it at now?

yes, mother.pd can be overridden in patch folder, system directory(on user drive, so /usbdrive/System)
… idea is if you just need a special override for a patch , put it in there, if you want it always overridden put it in system

Note: you should modify a copy of the new mother.pd that came with 3.0, to ensure you have the correct version.

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