Organelle OS Update, Example Patches

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I had read a previous forum post about a stuck at 99% startup problem being caused by the micro SD being out of place so I tried ejecting and reinserting just to make sure it wasn’t the issue. It had no effect and I’m still stuck at a 99% startup. I hooked the Organelle up to a TV and got to the type “startx” message. I don’t have a means to actually hook it up to a keyboard for now so it’ll probably be a couple days before I make any headway. Ordered an adapter so I can run it through my laptop so hopefully then I’ll have some more info.

Thanks for checking in with me. I’ll post an update here when I have one unless there’s a support contact I could be better directed to.

So does this update allow you to send midi pc messages to a specific preset within a specific patch?

That isn’t how the update’s save functions work. There is only one preset per patch. A patch lives in its own folder on the USB drive and those folders are what you scroll though on your way to selecting a patch. So:

  • Save will save the state of the patch including the position of the knobs. Every time you hit Save you are overwriting the previous saved state.
  • Save New saves everything into a brand new patch folder.

Use Save New to make multiple versions of the same patch. You can think of each version as a different preset of the original patch. For example, you could:

  1. Load the Analog Style patch, Save with the Oscillator Ratio at 50%.
  2. Then Save New creating Analog Style 2. The Organelle will automatically load this new patch (after closing the original Analog Style).
  3. Use Save to preset Analog Style 2 with the Oscillator Ratio at 177% (keeping the Cutoff & Resonance settings the same as in Analog Style).
  4. Then use Program Change Messages to select one of the two presets. The only difference between the two presets in this example is that the Oscillator Ratio has changed.

Program Change Messages will still select one of the saved versions. This is explained on page 25 of the manual.

Hey guys. Got a question on saving out new patches with specific knob values. There are a number of patches that keep reverting back to original values, even when I click ‘save new’ in the menu. Is there any way around this? Is it anything to do with the ‘override.pd’ file perhaps? Any advice would be super helpful, as I’d like to play live with the organelle soon, but can’t be stopping the show to fiddle around with knob values!

What patches specifically are giving you trouble?

Spectral Delay Delux the RE Space Echo. Any quick fixes possible?

If my understanding is correct, all parameter values for each fx and whatnot are saved only if the patch was crafted with the new multi-page menu. Most patches still offer the old menu and it looks like only those settings are saved which are on the display at the moment you’re saving the patch. Is this correct or am I getting it all wrong?

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Yeah, only the first 4 knob values are saved. If a patch uses multiple pages of knob values, that patch will have to be updated to save use Save and Save New.

Dang. The ability to save parameters on old patches would be mighty useful… Could a future master OS update fix that, or is it just not possible?

they’d have to be coded in the style of the new patches…the readval/saveval stuff is essential. The old patches could be retro-fitted but the way the paging/knob stuff works makes it necessary to re-code i think

Sorry to be late on this ! I’m the author of the RE-tape echo patch. It has been made at a time where the Organelle had no state-saving capability, so i had to make it my own way.
As i’m not very fond of the actual Organelle state-saving method, i won’t upgrade my patch to use it.
This being said : RE-tape echo loads the preset 0 on load. So there’s an easy workaround :

  • Download the most recent version of RE-Tape Echo (critical) :
  • Enjoy it :slight_smile:
  • Save your preset in any of the 10 slots
  • Use Organelle’s “save new”
  • Then load your newly created version of RE-Tape Echo (should be named RE-Tape-Echo 2 or something), load the aforementioned preset and save it in slot 0.
  • Next time you load the patch, it should init with your preset.
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Sweet, that’s a great work around. So simple I should have thought of it

Top patch by the way - I use it a lot :clap:

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Most of you are probably very familiar with the OS update, but here’s a video explaining three of the new features in OS 2.1:

(apologies for the scrolling brighter line of text on the screen, it is not there in real life, but only in this video due to differences in the camera’s shutter speed and Organelle screen’s refresh rate).


hi, how long does it usually take to update? my unit’s taking days, i’ve tried swapping out the usb and redownloading the patch, it’s still not finishing. thoughts?

It should only take a few seconds. You might want to download a fresh version and try again, and maybe try a different USB drive if possible. There could be problems with the update files.

okay I gave that a try and it’s still not finishing, not too sure where to go from here.

Please try flashing the entire OS to your microSD card. Here are instructions:

I’m also having trouble installing this update. I’ve loaded and reloaded the patches a million times, and I’ve not changed the folder title so everything should be working properly. When I hit the aux button to install, the “updating…” screen just sits there for eternity. Any help would be much appreciated <3