Organelle patches for Befaco Lich?

since Befaco’s Lich eurorack module can run pure data patches, does anyone know if it can with organelle patches.
If so, what procedure would that require ?


It does look like you could adapt Organelle patches for this module but it would probably take some retooling of each patch.

The first thing is to port all the knob connections to what the module requires and retooling the input and output but for simple patches, I imagine it would be relatively straight forward. I dont know how you would go about porting multi page patches however or using most of the modern C&G patches that use the aux menu functionality :confused:

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Thanks !
Yes, considering that, it might be simplier, and maybe faster too, to look for original pd patches that serve organelle patches to be ported from to port them to lich architecture. What do you think ?
btw there’s already some (not a lot) patches ready for lich.
I’ll get into that and see what’s involved.

Porting over organelle patches in theory shouldn’t be that difficult. The main thing is changing the audio in and outs to adc~ and dac~ and changing the knob names to what the Lich uses. I don’t own one so that’s about all I can glean but I’m sure it shouldn’t be that bad