Patchstorage Add Organelle Is there any patch similiar to the Generation Loss pedal effect (from Cooper Fx & Chase Bliss)?

I’ve been looking for a lo-fi effect for my instruments for several years . Cooper Fx’s Generation loss pedals seem perfect but I cant find one and I missed the Chase Bliss’s limited reissue…
Basically this pedal simulates a band disintegration (with pitch modulations, tape flaws, …).

So there’s my question : do you know an Organelle patch approaching this lofi effect pedal ?

(link to realize what this pedal can do : Knobs video link )

Not really same as génération loss (afik) but try dust :
It’s a good one !

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Check out RE-Tape Echo too. We demo-ed RE-Tape Echo and DUST in this thread:

There are some other great effects patches there that you might be interested in too

Thanx for your reply !

TonyLB > I already have Dust, it’s for sure a great patch ! But not exactly what I’m looking for…
chrisk > I’ll try this Re-tape patch ! But it seems to be more a delay than a dry effect … I’ll see!

I hope someone will patch an emulation of this pedal, who knows …

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Happy Birthday @fourbi !!

Generation (16.0 KB)

An attempt at the Generation Loss pedal.
Never actually used one, mind… just saw that vid and thought “Hmm…”!

It’s deliberately one-page, so there are compromises, but I’m not keen on multi-page fx units.
Basically an fx chain controlled by knobs & top row of keys (bottom row of keys do nothing);


AUX: WET - fx bypass.
KNOB1: dry/wet mix.
‘True’ bypass when bypassed (no led) i.e. in goes direct to out. 0% dry/wet is also true bypass.
FX chain when engaged (organelle blue led).
So if all fx in the chain are actually muted but the dry/wet is 100% then it’s a separate ‘non-true’ clean path - check out the chorus that occurs when you’re halfway in between. Happy accident.
Notice the range on this knob - 0-200%. Basically 0-100% (knob centred) is your usual dry/wet ratio mix.
After that, the 101-200% range is increasing the volume of the wet signal only for a bit of extra control when the fx are attenuating things.
All fx settings remain when bypassed. You can change settings whilst bypassed.

KEY61: WOW (+ flutter) bypass.
KEY63: Hold to max-out wow+flutter (i.e. momentary switch).
KNOB2: WOW amount - increases both wow and flutter effects simultaneously.

KEY66: HLP (hp+lp filter) bypass.
KEY68: Choose between HP/LP.
KNOB3: HP/LP cutoff frequency - use of KEY66 switch routes the knob values to the HP or the LP alternately, so you can set one, hit the button and set the other. Can’t do anything about encoder catch-up but I wanted this thing on one page so had to figure out a way to get one knob to ‘store’ two values.

KEY73: GEN (sample rate) bypass.
KNOB4: Sample rate in Hz.

KEY78: HSS (noise) bypass.
KEY80: Cycle between noise types - pink, white, vinyl crackle.
KEY82: Choose low or high level of noise.

Loads of visual feedback from the leds so you know you’ve done something.
Noise (HSS) appears at the end of the screen & keyboard for ergonomic reasons but in reality it’s the first thing in the chain.

LONG HOLD (approx. 0.5sec) on any of the function keys (inc AUX) sets that function as the footswitch parameter. Pink led flashes when set.
Since KEY63 behaves as a momentary switch, it can’t be set this way (it would constantly be setting itself as the footswitch parameter when used normally) so WOW max-out is the footswitch parameter by default on load - to restore to this parameter, reload patch. Hope that makes sense!

Dual channel, so it’s good for stereo or mono via either side. :slight_smile:



You’re almost right mememe : my birthday is next week :slight_smile:
It’s great news indeed, I’ll testing your patch this weekend. I’m really excited !
I come back to give you my opinion here.
Thanks !

Well many happy returns for real then!

I wanted a bit of a learning exercise on how to make certain controls and route things etc. so I was just using it as handy end-goal really. It’s ended up being the sort of patch I look at and think “wtf?”!!! It won’t be the most elegant code in the world…

Hope you get some fun out of it at least!. Good weekend & stay safe :slight_smile:

Your patch is amazing mememe !
Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Just a little note: it would be great to be able to adjust the noise volume. Actually they are too low in the mix.
Great job anyway !

Winner! :slight_smile:

A knob for hiss level would have been nice but we’re one knob short! Also, the GL pedal only had a switch so I copied that approach.

Levels are very user-editable tho. Have attached a diagram showing what to change where…

Open “main.pd” and click the “noise” box to open that page. Or open “noise.pd” direct from the main folder.

Change “lo” and “hi” levels if you just want more overall noise when you choose it - too much & you can overdo it; try 0.3 and 0.6 for instance. These are percentages (so you can’t go higher than 1) and pan the output between noise & clean signal - e.g. 0.3 automatically changes the clean level to 0.7, 0.6 makes the clean signal 0.4, etc.

Change “pink”, “white” and/or “vinyl” to affect the relative levels of the three sounds or just to boost them a bit. You could think of these as gains for each individual noise channel. They can be higher than 1 but be careful with the “vinyl” level - might be bad for speakers if it’s too high.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


This patch is awesome, thank you!