Playtronica Touch Me

Hi there! I’m new in this forum. I’m an artist from Italy. I’m about to realise a sound art installation using playtronica touch me hardware and Organelle. When i plug in my TouchMe controller it power up but it does not send any midi to my organelle. Have you got some experiences with this 2? thx you a lot and sorry for my bad english ‘,’

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Did you try plugging it into another synth, does it work with that?

i haven’t got any other synth with a usb host to try it. On Mac everything work just fine. I think is some kind of script/driver problem. The strange thing is that on the midi setting of the organelle it shows : Midi Device TouchMe MIDI 1, therefore the organelle recognizes it.


…did you select that as your device and ‘Save’ before leaving MIDI Menu?

Some other things to try:

  • Did you try relaunching your Organelle patch after connecting the Touch Me?
  • What MIDI channel is the Touch Me sending notes on? the Organelle set to receive on that same channel?
  • The MIDI Monitor patch might be helpful: MIDI Monitor 2.0 | Patchstorage