Please Play with my new Patch

Hey Guys,

Update: the patch is now in working order. Hope you have fun!

I decided to get the existing Delay Octaver patch on patch storage and make it work for the Organelle. It works perfectly on my machine using my helper.pd file.

I couldn’t find any objects that don’t exist in vanilla pd, unless that canvas itself isn’t supported on the organelle? When I put sound through it, it just comes out the other side completely unaffected, as if whatever in the canvas does nothing.

Help would be appreciated. It’s pretty cool sounding, so help will benefit you too.

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I think it is the [demux] object that is not supported in vanilla.

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Thanks Chris!

That was exactly it. In fact I found that also there was another object, [counter] that wasn’t in vanilla. Luckily both of those were in that pre-compiled list of executables in a previous forum post that one of you at C&G put together.

I’ve now got it working. Thanks!

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