Recordings lost after reboot?!

This morning I had a long music session and ended up with a new ‘song’ on my 5 Moons by the end, all five tracks had a recording on them that was being looped and I was really happy with how it turned out.

However, most of the time I just turn the power off on all my music gear by flipping the switch of my 230V distributor. So I did not use the ‘power down’ button from the 5 Moons itself, but just cut the power… I did this most of the times before, and never had any issues. This time, on boot up, I cannot find my recordings anymore while scrolling through all the tracks. I only have like 8 songs, so I’m 100% sure it is no longer in there.

Have not yet been able to check over USB on PC, because I don’t have my PC with me at home right now…

Is it always risky to lose your recordings when just cutting the power on 5 Moons? I plan on taking it with me with a power bank on travels, so chances are that the power cuts at some point as well…

It is best to use the shutdown button when powering down the 5-Moons. This will ensure all sound recording is properly stopped and the files are written to the disk.

Removing power suddenly runs the risk of halting the machine while it is writing to the disk and the files may become corrupted, which will lead to uncertain behavior. This is more likely to happen if power is removed while recording, but could also happen during playback.

When you are able, you can try connecting the 5-Moons to a computer and see if anything can be recovered.

That makes sense. I’ll be more careful from now on! We are kinda spoilt with a lot of modern gear not caring about hard resets…

Good news, just as I had given up on the tracks (still didnt have my pc to check), I punched for a ‘new track’, pressed play and… there they were, my recordings. Really confusing, no clue how this could happen? I’m 100% certain they were not there when cycling through the machine, i tried every song until i was back at the first one for like three times. But hitting ‘new song’ solved it. Anyway, very happy :smile:

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