Remote Patching (using VNC)

release 1.2
fixed installer for USB installation

now will correctly run and install off of USB.

(note: you only need to download install this update, if usb install was failing previously for you… if you have already installed on sdcard, then all is good - no change :slight_smile: )

for those interested, it was due to the USB fat filesystem not retaining the permissions of the passwd file. to fix manually you could just type

chmod 600 /root/.vnc/passwd

so @miker2049 you’ll probably want to do this.


Thanks @thetechnobear - This is so handy!

Hi, I am having one problem.
I can connect with both iPad and Mac no problems, and the mouse on the devices update so I know the feed is working, BUT when I open a patch on the Organelle it does not show up on any of the two screens. Any thoughts?

If I open the patch via the VNC client it shows up on the screen, but if I then open a new patch from the Organelle then the open one closes(like it should) but the new patch is not showed on screen. Only on the Organelle.

works perfectly correctly here :confused:

I start wifi,
then tigervnc…
then start realvnc on my mac,
then select patch on organelle menus via encoder
and its opened in the realvnc window as expected

you could try clicking on the little smiley face, bottom right, that restarts the menu, then try again

if that doesnt work…

if you click on the terminal down in the bottom left and type


does it say “X server found”

you could then try


and see if patches launched then come up ?!

if it does, none of this really explains why it doesn’t work off the bat for you, as works on both my Organelles (one of which is a ‘clean 3.1 image’) …

perhaps something ‘funky’ with your network setup, but im kind of surprised that PD then works when you start directly… but id need more details to work out whats going on for that

what do the following return?

xprop -root

important note: you should not have an hdmi monitor plugged in/turned on, as that could mean there could be a second X session … which can be made to work, but is beyond scope here.

Clicking the smily worked! I think I had not restarted the Organelle after I installed Tigervcn.


should not really be necessary, restart mother is called after installation anyway…

Imagine if all problems was solved by just clicking a smily icon…


added instructions in original ‘tips’ post for how to change resolution of server…
so you can use your full desktop screen resolution. (this is considered ‘advance’ use )

I think it makes it much more useable, given how much screen real estate pure data uses :wink:

wow 2560x1440 ? that is great, do you notice big performance penalty with this high res?

seems to be working fine for me… smoother than I expected, no lag on shifting windows etc, and not noticing any audio dropouts.

that said, Im working on Orac, so Im not actually playing much, rather opening modules/subpatches to check out a few ideas, refresh my memory… hence why I needed a lot more screen space :slight_smile:

I usually use xwindows, but its actually quite nice having a full desktop with vnc,
particularly, if you make it full screen, it then turns the vnc session into a different desktop - so you can swipe between the organelle session and the macos desktop, its really well integrated.

Awesome. Something else i didnt expect from this was that ability to copy and paste from my laptop desktop to the organelle desktop and back again. Really useful for quickly double checking for mistakes my .json files in a text editor on my laptop (im prone).

This is a fantastic tool! Took me a little while to figure out how to edit the config to change the resolution, but I got it sorted using vim. 1900x1200 seems like a good resolution for my 13" macbook pro. Thanks so much for putting this together @thetechnobear!


Works on iPad quite beautifully (using VNC Viewer). One thing… I would like to use with keyboard and mouse connected to the Organelle but this doesn’t work… I can only use the GUI on iOS:

To be fair, this is frankly miraculous and more than I could have ever wished for! But would be great to use my iPad as a screen - i.e. whilst using my normal keyboard and mouse.

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That’s not going to work.
Your best option is to use an external keyboard on the iPad (usb or Bluetooth) and then touch for ‘mouse’

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USB keyboard works a treat, thanks!

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Late, late to the party, but this is Super cool and handy @thetechnobear; a big thank you!
I also got an Elgato (cheap second hand) all image out from OG :wink:

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Has anyone tried this with VNC Viewer on a chromebook? If so any success?

This is what worked for me @bomboy


same. took me forever to figure this out. hahahahaha.

Hi. Is this compatible with Organelle M?

I installed this before thinking about it, and it seemed to install (and run) without error, but I haven’t been able to connect. Screen Sharing complains about compatibility, Real VNC gets farther but any combination of user/pass i can come up with is rejected

One thing i noticed is that the contents of /root/.vnc (and /tmp/.vnc while running) differ from what I’d expect looking at the install files.