Should I open it?

So I have to spin the power cord until it gets to the sweet spot and turns on; and it just turns off if it comes outta the sweet spot. I think it got rattled in transit (f¿¢k Vueling airlines for multiple reasons). Bought it used with no warranty. Should I just open it up and see if I need to solder it back in?

Try a different power cord first. 2.1mm 1a 9v centre +ive.
Get in touch with c&g they will give you instructions if you need to repair or dismantle it.

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one thing you might want to check first, if its not the original C&G wall wart, is if the psu has a long enough tip, some of them can be a bit shorter so struggle to get a connection.

but failing that, you can open it up to take a look…see if you can see the issue.
its easy to take apart and put back together - just take knobs off then unscrew it on the sides.

(it may be a little stiff to remove the metal case as the screws ‘bend it’ in slightly, but just ease it off)

the circuit board is also easy enough to take out if you need to, to check the barrel connection.


I’m using the C&G power supply tho :confused:
And now after most of a year of not using it, it won’t turn on at all.

There could be a problem with the power supply though right, so try another one. After that contact c&g directly by email with pictures.