Using Ableton instruments ( .adg files) in Organelle

I’ve got about 20 banks, or .alp files, which contain instruments for Ableton. All midi instruments basically. Some nice classical acoustic sounds, some very varied drum machines and some really good analogue-synth remakes as well.

Once in Ableton these instruments become .adg files. I think it could be really amazing to either import some of these sounds to the Organelle or even to layer them with for instance the basic square and sine waves.

Maybe this is a tall order but I’d love to see some more high-level SYNTH patches…

Anyone know if this is possible?


Hi Dominic

I would ask you a few questions before replying and maybe it’s your choice of words that i am responding to. But i wanted to share that what i consider “High Level” you might not. If you mean high level that the patches you are seeing and using in organelle are ‘Low Level’ i would ask you to think again regarding the choice of words.

But regardless, the standard first reply that i give is that honestly ANYTHING Is possible in Pure Data The standard second one is ANYTHING --if you build it.

So i would ask you to clarify what you mean. If you want to drop .adgs into Pd and play them i would say that’s what Ableton is for but if you want a MIDI controlled sample based instrument that is certainly possible and the Soundfont synths do that to a degree but they are written to and for a historical aspect of computer synthesis and are under development. They require FluidSynth and LADSPA currently but that will change in he New Year


Hi Patrick, thanks for sending over these instruments - much appreciated! I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Obviously there are a lot of great sounds on the Organelle. As with any synth some sound better to me than others. Some of these .adg sounds for Ableton are really good-sounding too. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to put these sounds into the Organelle (to put it crudely).

I’m guessing from your response that this is not going to be doable.

adgs are basically just settings fo ableton devices, they are not devices themselves, and the devices could not be ported to another platform outside live.

alps are packs of content, and i believe they tend to be encrypted, so as to protect the content.

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Live is one instrument, organelle is another. If you have live, use live! Do not fear the laptop. It’s OK to like both.


Weird excitement switching on computer/surface Pro lately since I started using Vcv rack. Never dug in to max etc before and always just used ITB mainly for linear tracking and mixing but vcv making me feel totally different about ITB. Suddenly feels kinda like switching on my OT. Happy days :slight_smile: Would love to see some organelle patches creep on to vcv (infinite jets, morphagene…)…

Sorry slight off topic, just agreeing with the above. Seeing computers in a different light atm…

i just ported a Bunch of Max patches that Luke Dubois wrote @ CMC

they were/are included in PerColate


@Wannop for sure, I don’t fear the laptop - quite the opposite - but since it all comes down to Midi in the end, i just wondered if there was a way. but as @thetechnobear says they are encrypted.

What comes down to midi? It’s much more complex than that to port a synthesiser from a daw to a completely different environment like PD.

You could record samples of each note of a 49 key range in whatever plugin you like, then just put the samples into the ‘sampler style 49’ patch which is velocity sensitive - it would sound rad but obviously the synthesis textures would be fixed and not tweakable while playing. This method takes a little while but I’ve done it before, was worth it for some sounds I really wanted from iris 2 on my organelle.

You could even use the ‘recorder’ patch to record the samples quickly.

Lets be clear:
an Ableton Device group is probably NEVER going to work As/is in Pure Data because it’s for ABLETON.
It’s for instrument presets/drum groupings that send messages to Operator, Tension, Chicken etc.
Setting up presets for an an instrument in Pure Data is not a MIDI thing unless you want it to be it’s more of an ARRAY thing or a textfile thing honestly.

Here is an example of a preset/save system, Kindly entitled NOT_ABLETON

hook up a midi keyboard and play it then adjust the values
Save them and VOILA .pdg!

have fun!!! (14.8 KB)

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lol i haven’t got home to download yet but thats a hell of a patch name shree haha

thanks for your help guys.

what worked best in the end for me was just throwing one note into Nori
sampler. the problem with Sampler style is you have no control over the
duration of the note. but that Nori sampler is amazing. Def one of my most
fertile patches on the Organelle!