Count2Five Version 2


I thought I would know what I was doing with this one and now I’m completely flummoxed! Ha. Seems promising, but I’m gonna need that how-to!


If you’ve used a CT5 in physical form, I’d suggest that the Organelle version is rather simpler to navigate… If you’ve not used a CT5 in physical form, I reckon you’ll never work out what on earth is supposed to be going on…


I found my groove with the first version, maybe the same will follow with this one.


besides the two granular tables that you can shut off or turn volume down on
There is on Page 2, 3 & 4 Knob 1 is variable for the slicers that used to be fixed

I was using the soundtrack to Jesus Christ SuperStar and it got really killer with all the vocal stuff.
Every time i noticed a click i suggest you be on the volume in page and pop the Footswitch once is 1 second twice 2 seconds etc. Also ping the last playing key [83] when you are tuning slices in mode 2

Yeah this guy is not simple but it really does a nice job at creating a vibe [IMHO]

Thanks again Kayja Vetter


Next will be the New version of Shallow Water by Fairfield Elec.

All your Pedals IS OURS LOL


thanks! that helped a lot. I put some Gesualdo through it, did some tapping and got great results from mode 2 and then mode 3. I understand it a little bit, but I’m looking forward to the how to.


Just Remember this
IN MODE 3 you do not need to really hit record. there is a fancy algorithim that Katja wrote called slicerec~ it’s paired with sliceplay~ so the onsets will start the recorders and you can stretch their playback with knob one on page 2 page three and page four for really cool effects

so think of it as an AUTO recorder. I say this because i just spent like 2 hours looking for clicks and MOST of them came when i forgot i was in mode three and popped the recorder and then there were clicks.

1.) Make sure you’re not overloading the inputs in Mode 3 set input volumes around halfway and monitor input on Page 2. I was using John Cage reading Indeterminacy and it was killer. Think of MODE three as mystical Auto chorus delay


Hyped to try this patch over wknd. Sounds like a good’un. Thanks!


i’ve made some adjustments so we are in BETA2.2 and i will work out a video. I am also thinking a way to color code functions/modes with the LEDs and i am considering a Toggle for record. Little changes.


This is super exciting!


Finally got to have a play on this. Really fun/Interesting patch. Admittedly didn’t entirely know what I was doing half the time but got some very cool results. Would really appreciate a dummies guide if anyone in the know has time to jot out exactly what’s what.


Hey Pat, have you released Beta 2.2? Should I redownload from Patreon or have you edited the .zip link posted up above?


No not yet

I’ll release it this afternoon
running a little late – was up way to late working on Infinite Jets



this is the current one, i may have some updates on my other USB stick I’ll reconcile those later tonight. Still need to document which i will do this weekend and a little how-to video



I hope it isn’t too late to feature request. I wonder if it might be possible to have clock multiplication/division as a feature when MIDI BPM is enabled. When I’m syncing to BPM it’s all in time, but sometimes i wish i could just cut the rate in half… So when the patch BPM is being determined by incoming MIDI clock, the BPM knob would instead of being essentially disabled, be responsible for translating that BPM into 1/2 (120bpm turned to 60bpm), 1/4, 1x, 2x equivalents.
Perhaps this is something for master_metronome.pd instead as it would be really useful and musical in many patches.
@shreeswifty @oweno @chrisk What do you think?


i think midi bpm is already working in that version


It totally is! Did you read my post though? I’m talking about manipulating that midi bpm signal :slight_smile:


i did but i think with C25 i ran out of buttons/parameters in 8 pages so it’s just the main BPM knob
maybe something to divide the clock-- look at Automatonism it has a clock divider and you could sacrifice something


Forgot about Automatonism, seemed so promising now it seems to have been forgotten - including by me! Need to rediscover. Also a good starting point for PD i think Re: the beginner PD topic @Generationloss


I just looked at this. it looks impressive. is it good to use for the organelle? have you or has anyone made any organelle patches using it?