Count2Five Version 2


It had some modules designed specifically for organelle but not quite enough to make it idiot proof (me) like there was no display module for instance , I spoke to the creator around it’s release and they said it would be developed further and more organelle type stuff added. I haven’t checked recently to see of that came true though! Hopefully!


I know Johan, The system works pretty flawlessly and it’s a part of my libs that i will most likely be releasing now in January. I have about a TB of abstractions, externals and libs that are used for IXD/Organelle~ design that i have saved since right around 1997. It’s really funny when you find your first pd patch and the thing still works


Hi - any updates on the GOP?

Thanks for all this cool stuff man!


I’d really love a bit of an overview of what’s actually happening with this. As was mentioned above I get some really interesting sounds but I feel like I’m fumbling around in the dark just doing ‘stuff.’ I’m only using Mode 1 (keep it simple) and see that note 60 starts recording then hold aux and the other keys sends the sample backwards and pitched etc. I don’t get how slices work or when recording stops and starts.

Any help would be great, thanks


this one needs to be updated for sure.


The pedal emulations are the best. Hope there’s more to come!


Are you saying that there’s an updated version if I become a patron?


…not that I mind at all, just unsure what I’m getting by becoming a Patron? There’s so many interesting patches shared for free…including yourself of course


you get support and help you support development etc…
most people pitch like 10$ which is super nice and helpful


Is that $10 monthly or $10 one-time? I want to help out, but haven’t ever done Patreon, so I want to make sure I do it right.


hey, it’s a monthly thing. And some research and new versions will be appearing there and you get direct help when you join and access to the patches that are coming out that are not on patch storage or shared here N stuff. :slight_smile: