Mutable Instrument patches


Not getting sound output from the new one technobear, also the screen isn’t showing parameters or values? Anyone else?
Edit: Weird, I take it back!


@Wannop, so its working ok now?

yes, and no.

  • yes, I run the patches/externals on my Mac for development/testing
  • no, I’ve not released the PD externals that are used on any platform, other than organelle ( ARM to be specific, should work on rPI) as they are still in development - so, no you can’t run off the patchstorage zip.
    I will be releasing the externals on other platforms once they are complete.
    sorry, I know others may want them, but its all extra effort, and Organelle is my focus for now.


This is entirely reasonable, Mr. Bear, and I appreciate your response. I’m off to buy an Organelle!


yes it is working, and i’m completely engrossed in it! Note to others - refer to the manuals on the mutable instruments websites for these modules/patches and it’s gives you some interesting and useful info on what is going on with each of the parameters in each mode.

Just wrapped my head around TRIG mode.
“TRIGGER input. Generates a single grain. By moving the grain DENSITY to 12 o’clock, and sending a trigger to this input, Clouds can be controlled like a micro-sample player. An LFO or clock divider (or even a pressure plate) can thus be used to sow grains at the rate of your choice”

So capture and freeze a grain with key 60, set density to 50 (12oclock) then just tappity tapity on key 61 to hear a playback of the captured grain. If you send a note trigs from a midi sequencer to C#3, the organelle will play the grain back rhythmically. Blend this with the regular cloud of grains with the density knob. Cool!

This is epic man, thanks x


These are sounding insane. Walls of sound.


Ive just released my favourite Mutable Instruments module…

Elements … or on Organelle … lmnts

its a physical modelling synth, which can generator a huge variety of sounds, and I love it :slight_smile:
… also, you can feed it audio, to use as an effect
audio in left = strike input
audio in right = blow input
(so consider it as 2 mono inputs , rather than a stereo pair)

and as @owen said about clds, elements is very capable of a huge wall of sound too … but can also be subtle :wink:

this is v0.1, so no doubt I’ll be tweaking it a lot, but thought id given you an early taste
I hope you enjoy…

bring on the elements :rainbow: :snowflake: :cloud_with_rain: :sunny:


Just spent the last hour abstracted by lmnts… pure modal synthesis bliss!!! Much appreciated!!
This work that you are doing bringing MI modules to the Organelle is no short of outstanding, so much love, so much sound… and lets no forget so much order through the Organelle Controller!
Any chance that you have Edges (or on Organelle dgs) on your to do list?


These are amazing!! Feeling super lucky right now. I noticed something weird when I try to use these with an external sequencer, they seem to pitch down a few octaves for some reason?? Its probably on my end I think but I figured I would mention it just in case.


all - glad your enjoying :slight_smile:

@gonzohj , edges, interesting never thought about this, as 8bit oscillators are ‘two a penny’ , but why not… the good thing about MI code, is because ( afaik) its all written by Olivier its all in the same style, so once your familiar with one, so far, it seems similar to convert another…
so I guess I’ll port them all…
with a similar feel (ha, ha that’s a tease on my future plans for organelle ;))

@friender odd, Ive not got any particular code for midi notes, I just listen to ‘notes’ , whether from the keyboard or elsewhere…
which patch are you talking about specifically? … I’ll test with an external controller.
(btw, be careful with elements, its kind of odd, since the pitch cant really be fixed, as the geometry on the resonator will alter pitch… i.e. you have to tune depending upon settings of the presets)


@thetechnobear in my case I was trying to use a keystep to play some basic little note progressions of a frozen sound in clouds stretch mode as a test, it’s probably just something to do with the controller ( i think maybe the organelle responds strangely to the octave up/down commands )


@thetechnobearI know, I know, you are right about the 8bit oscillators… but I always found that there was something special on edges, and given that it is discontinued already it would be a nice way of making it live forever in our hearts and our Organelles.
Still it would be a challenge to get the 4 voices to work together but sound independently! audio in left + audio in right + two halves of the keyboard maybe?


so i took a look at Edges source code - I think the reason its been discontinued is it runs on a different hardware platform. without getting technical, this means porting the code directly is not practical, and would be more like an emulation… and likely loose any ‘character’ the modular has.

so, frankly, it would be as easier to just write a synth from scratch, that is inspired by edges. :frowning:
… perhaps when I’ve completed ‘this MI project’ , it might be something I’ll looking into, as I do agree a 8 bit ‘cheesy’ synth on organelle could be a lot of fun, with the right feature set.


@thetechnobear That is alright, thank you very much for taking a look into it anyhow.
I appreciate very much your MI project and will enjoy endlessly anything that you have in store, also the surprise factor of not knowing which module will you be rolling out next, or when, adds to the experience!


I love all these MI patches but lmnts is definitely an instant favourite. Thanks a lot @thetechnobear for all your work! :slight_smile:


incoming :slight_smile:

Ok, so Ive got a first release out of a patch that has MI Warps at its heart…
and indeed, its is pretty warped…

in its simplest form, basically the algo parameter modulates an internal warps oscillator with a braids oscillator.
but Ive made it so that you can also swap out either with input L and input R… if you do both, then its an effects unit for L & R mono signals.

oh, and added in the rngs_reverb to get some ‘air’ into it :slight_smile:

it can get pretty wild but careful use of the algo/density can also give you very subtle effects too… or just a simple mono synth.


Can get lost in these patches for a long a time. This latest one is amazing.


These patches are mighty fine work! WONDERFUEL!

As a newbie, I am a bit confused about Input L and Input R since the Organelle only has one input socket. Can somebody say what I am missing here?


The input is a 1/4" STEREO input. You need a cable that converts the 1/4" stereo input to 2 mono, like this one:


tried brds last night and had tons of fun tweaking looped sequences

thanks for sharing these!


as @Jaffasplaffa says you can split into 2 mono jacks…
also for some patches, you may find it enough to simply pan the signal left or right.
(or if you have a multi-timbral source/synth, you can pan different ‘parts’ L and R)

also its probably worth pointing out WHY I’m doing this …

the reason is some of these patches/modules are pretty complex/flexible, and allow modulation of signals.
warps is an obvious example, at its heart its a 2 signal modulator, so in Algorithm 0, you can use it as a simple cross-fader - (using texture to cross-fade between L/R), others allow cross modulation/ring mode.
when I get around to streams, this will allow you to use organelle as a compressor, where one input is the signal , and the other a sidechain input.