Orac 2.0

I took the reverb out, but it still happens. I upload it via google drive in a second

When I sequenz it via other gear it doesnt happen. only with the inbuilt sequenzers

I figured it out, I am sorry I was just messeng something up on the Octatrack. Really sorry about that


No problem! Glad you got it figured out!

Well, now that’s a phrase I use every day!


This is very usefull ! :slight_smile: thx !

Orac still can’t receive transport from external gear, right?

It can indeed yes. You’ll need the transport user module tho since the default clock doesnt accept start and stop messages

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I’ve been using electrafa’s Transport. As soon as I connect Digitakt (or Digitone), the Transport module in Orac starts playing and won’t stop. I essentially lose all control over it until I pull the midi cable out. Any idea?