Organelle Featured in Shreeswifty TedX talk 3-24-2018


Ladies and Gentlemen

I am going to be doing a Demo of the Organelle as a part of my TedX talk on “Linux Multimedia Comes of Age” At the Ferguson Public Library in Stamford, CT March 24, 2018. I will be featuring the organelle as an example of interactive, RT audio using pure data that has a solid user community and innovative patch library.

I told them when they asked me that i want to demo the Organelle and they LOVED The idea. the past week has been logistics and shenanigans but i wanted to share this fun development


that’s fucking wonderful. :slight_smile:


Awesome,looking forward to watching it on Youtube.Good luck.


So so awesome!!!


“Linux MultiMedia Comes of Age”


here’s a fun short article the students did on my research in Pd --our progam has been primarily interested in graphics up to this year so it talked about GEM a bit but it’s light-hearted and was fun to share some of the process with them


Woot! Congrats! :grinning:


This is great! Definitely looking forward to seeing this!


Will this air online by chance?


yes, they are recording it and i mention C&G and blokas and my shenanigans/book


And you will post the link in this thread when it is done yeah :smiley: ?


i will i know they record them and i think like all this one is full capacity so it should be fun



Break a leg tomorrow Patrick! :smiley:


it’s a fun lighthearted talk about uconn, pd, media, pd and my lab/book thing :slight_smile:


looking forward to this!


Still hoping to watch this!


Yep, me too !



Very interesting talk, thanks for sharing. Look forward to the book! :smiley:


Interesting to hear about the projection mapping class and starting it in PD lessons. I’ve taught 2 classes on projection mapping and it’s been interesting to approach in various ways in a learning environment. Great Ted Talk!